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Periapical Surgery - An alternative to dental implants?

Updated: Apr 15

Alternative to dental implant

Periapical surgery, also known as an apicectomy, is a dental surgical procedure performed to remove the tip of the tooth's root and any infected tissue around it. This procedure is typically recommended when a root canal treatment has failed or when re-treatment of the root canal is not possible. The goal of periapical surgery is to eliminate infection and promote healing in the surrounding tissues.

Here are some reasons why periapical surgery might be preferred over a dental implant:

  1. Preservation of Natural Tooth: Periapical surgery aims to save the natural tooth by treating the root and surrounding tissues. For many people, preserving their natural teeth is preferable to having them replaced with dental implants.

  2. Cost: Periapical surgery is often less expensive than getting a dental implant.

  3. Time: Periapical surgery usually requires less time for treatment to be completed. Dental implants may require several months for the implant to integrate with the jawbone and for the final crown or bridge to be fitted.

  4. Less Invasive: Periapical surgery can be a less invasive procedure compared to dental implant surgery. The surgical site is often smaller, and there is no need to place a foreign object (implant) into the jawbone.

  5. Avoiding Surgery on Multiple Teeth: In cases where adjacent teeth are also problematic, periapical surgery can address issues with a single tooth without affecting neighboring teeth. Dental implants, on the other hand, require healthy adjacent teeth to ensure the bone around the dental implant is healthy.

It's important to note that the best treatment option depends on the individual's specific situation, the condition of the tooth, and the patient's preferences. Dental implants have their own advantages, such as longevity and durability, and may be the preferred option for some patients, especially if the natural tooth cannot be saved or if multiple teeth are affected.

Ultimately, the decision between periapical surgery and dental implant depends on various factors, including the patient's oral health, aesthetic concerns, budget, and preferences.

Periapical surgery is a treatment we provide at the practice and can discuss this treatment as an alternative to having a tooth extracted.

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