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Crowns for Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Crowns or veneers can be used to improve the shape, size and overall appearance of teeth. Crowns are also used routinely to re-enforce heavily filled or broken down teeth - you can read more about this here.



Cosmetic dentistry should be directed towards doing as little damage to sound tooth tissue as possible. To place a crown on a tooth often requires removal of tooth structure. This process can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the nerve in a tooth which may then require further treatment, such as root canal treatment. Research suggests 4-9% of teeth which have live nerves within them may require further treatment following preparation for a crown. Removing less tooth structure by using less invasive techniques such as composite bonding or using minimal preparation veneers reduces the risk of irreversible damage to the underlying nerve tissue.

Rather than crowning front teeth to improve the overall aesthetic appearance, there are less invasive options which should be looked at first such as whitening (bleaching) teeth, cosmetic straightening of teeth and composite bonding- these procedures can result in an excellent aesthetic result without irreversible damage to the tooth.

Tooth straightening, teeth whitening Newcatle

A case treated by straightening the teeth and tooth whitening.

Replacement of old crowns newcastle
Cosmetic private crowns Newcastle

A case treated by replacing the old crowns on the front four teeth with all ceramic crowns

If the teeth are heavily filled or there are already crowns or veneers present, it may be appropriate for these crowns or veneers to be replaced. Modern ceramic materials allow for precise aesthetic control to the extent that it should not be possible to notice a crown on a tooth. Old crowns may have dark margins on them where they join the natural tooth. This is commonly due to metal from the old crown material shining through the root. Cosmetic all ceramic crowns let light pass through the tooth in a similar way to a natural tooth giving the overall appearance a much more natural look.

Cosmetic dental treatment in Newcastle
Cosmetic dental crowns in Newcastle

Cosmetic all ceramic crowns to restore the upper and lower four front teeth. These teeth had large fillings and old crowns which were failing

All cases shown on this page have been treated by dentists at Newcastle Advanced Dentistry.

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