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Second opinions and complex treatment

Our dentists, led by Mr Andrew Gemmell BDS, MClinDent(RestDent), FDS RCSEd, have a varied skill set and work together to develop treatment plans which are tailored around individual patients needs.


By utilising this multi disciplinary approach, from different dentists with broad ranging experience in restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics (moving teeth) we are able to develop complex treatment plans and work with you to provide solutions for common problems such as;


  • Replacing failing (infected or chronically painful) root canal treatments (repeat or endodontic re-treatment)

  • Working with you to stabalise periodontal (gum) disease to reduce the risk of future tooth loss

  • Restorative management of heavily broken down or failing dentition. Teeth should not be breaking or chipping and stabilisation of your mouth can protect from future damage

  • Prevention of tooth loss and replacement of spaces from extracted teeth with fixed dental bridges or dental implants

Please don't hesitate to contact our experienced team to discuss any issues with confidence.

Dentist second opinion multidisciplinary team
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