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We offer general dentistry for all the family and referral services for dentists throughout the region

Healthy Stable Teeth

Our practice offers a full range of dental care with a strong emphasis on prevention of dental disease and maintaining a healthy functional mouth.  We are welcoming new patients to the practice so call us today for a thorough assessment of your oral health.


General and restorative Dentistry

We provide evidence based solutions for managing dental disease such as dental decay and periodontal problems. We recommend protecting heavily broken down back teeth with crowns (or onlays) and if you have missing teeth we are able to manage spaces. Advanced restorative dentistry requires thorough planning and normally at least two planning appointments are required for complex treatments.   This allows clinical records to be taken, study models of your teeth to be made and work planned with simulated work on articulated models of your teeth.

Children's Dentistry

Prevention of disease needs to start early and we aim to lay the foundations of oral health from an early age.  All our dentists are parents, who understand the problems that can occur at different stages in childhood; a toddler that won't stay still to get their teeth brushed, a 5 year old who only wants chocolate for breakfast, a teenager who won't take a shower never mind brushing their teeth, and also the constant sweets and treats offered up from all the pre-school and school groups, parties, and family members.  Bring your children to us regularly, let us look after their teeth and give you the advice to get them through to adulthood with the best teeth possible, and a positive attitude towards dental care. 

Dental Hygiene / Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is a chronic condition, which if not treated can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease cannot be treated simply by rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash and requires regular cleaning and removal of bacteria which sit in pockets around the tooth. As with all dentistry, prevention of disease is better than the cure, so we thoroughly assess for periodontal disease as part of your regular examinations. Our dental hygienists are highly trained to help you manage periodontal disease.  They can provide regular cleaning and disruption of plaque deposits below the gum line, but more importantly will work with you to optimise your home care routine. People respond differently to plaque - this is why some people who never brush their teeth don't have gum problems and others who brush more regularly can have issues. 

Oral Cancer Checks

We thoroughly examine all the soft tissues in your mouth at every examination appointment to check that there are no unusual changes. The earlier lesions are detected, the less likely there may be life changing complications, which is why we recommend regular dental assessments no more than every 12 months.  

Root Canal Treatment and Second Opinions

We have a highly experienced team with extensive postgraduate training in avoiding taking teeth out, by providing advanced treatments such as root canal treatment and crown lengthening surgery. Using specialist equipment such as operating microscopes, digital radiographs and three dimensional CBCT imaging, these advanced treatments can have an excellent long term prognosis and offer a great alternative to dental implants or tooth loss. For more information about our advanced endodontic services, please visit

Cosmetic Dentistry

We believe all dentistry should be aesthetic in nature and offer a full range of cosmetic treatments including white fillings, all ceramic crowns and beautiful hand crafted veneers. Modern cosmetic dentistry should not involve un-necessarily cutting down teeth to place a mouth full of crowns and veneers - tooth structure can't grow back, so more conservative options may involve orthodontic movement of teeth, replacement of silver fillings with white fillings and bleaching of teeth. Our cosmetic orthodontic treatments can straighten wonky teeth in less than 6 months with nearly invisible braces. 

Occlusal (Bite) Problems

The way your teeth bite together can be an underlying cause for numerous issues, such as; continually breaking fillings, chronic headaches/ 'faceache' or wearing down of your teeth. If the teeth meet in the correct position your mouth can feel a lot more stable. An occlusal examination is undertaken on all of our patients at their routine examination appointment and treatment offered when required. We offer a full range of splint therapy for occlusal problems and temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) including Michigan and SCI (sleep clench inhibitor - previously called NTI) splints.  

Sports Guards

Trauma caused by contact sports can damage teeth and a well fitted, professionally made mouth guard can reduce the risk of this happening. These are custom made for you and a full range of team colours are available.

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