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Example Fees

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An investment in your health and well-being with a choice of payment options to suit your budget.

After your assessment, we will talk you through your treatment options, we will jointly decide with you a treatment plan and provide you with an estimate for treatment.  Fees for treatment are dependent upon complexity of cases.  Below are examples of our fees. 

Dental Mmebership from £14.00 a month

Routine New Patient assessment– £55 
Assessment of dental health for patients wishing to join the practice. This includes standard x-rays, assessment of teeth, jaw, periodontal tissues, mouth cancer check and an estimate for any work required to stabilise your mouth.

Advanced Consultation - £130

Advanced assessment following referral from General Dental Practitioner or for complex treatments. Includes all diagnostic testing such as pulp vitality testing, investigation of tooth with an operating microscope (high magnification to assess for cracks and fractures) and cone beam CT scan (if required). You will receive a thorough report with treatment plan and your referring dentist will be kept updated with your treatment. Typical fees for root canal treatment are £450 - £650 dependant upon the tooth being treated and complexity of treatment 

Routine oral health assessment - £40

Radiographs (X-Rays)

Intra-oral (small) x-rays £7.50 each.

Large X-ray to scan teeth and jaws – £50

CBCT Three dimensional x-ray - £95 (referral from dentist required)

Hygienist Appointments:
Supportive maintenance – £50
Periodontal therapy appointment to treat gum disease – £100

Restorative Treatments

Fillings – depend on size of cavity and material used; typically £90 - £150

Onlays, Crowns and Veneers – From £700

Bridges - Dependent upon material and size


Soft bite guard  – £90

SCI Splint Appliance / Bite Guard – £390

Hard splint/ Michigan splint - £450

Root Filling – Depend on complexity; typically £400 -£650

Teeth Whitening  –  £330

Extractions – £95 - £180

Dentures – From £500

Dental Implant Treatment

Non complex dental implant with crown - from £2500

learn more about dental implant fees here

Facial Aesthetic Treatments (Botox®)

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Our dental membership include dental examinations, hygienist visits, x-rays​ and 20% off routine treatment fees

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