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Digital Imaging (CBCT and DPT)

Legal requirement

We welcome referrals for digital imaging and are equipped to take three dimensional CBCT images in addition to conventional plane views. For more information about digital imaging, the legal requirements to request CBCT imaging, paper referral form download and our Service Level Agreement, please click here

Standard mode scans are routinely used for implant or surgical planning and higher resolution scans can be taken in higher resolution or 'Endo mode' with 85um voxel size and scatter reduction technology. Higher resolution images allow the pulp system and surrounding structures of a tooth to be evaluated in incredible detail but increased radiation dose.

The area of the scan can be limited to 5x5 cm for local planning such as single implant placement, endodontic investigation or pre-surgical assessment. An 8x6cm scan can be taken for a whole arch or an 8x8cm scan for both maxillary and mandibular arches.

The scan can be provided to referring dentists as a DICOM file or with embedded InVivo 3D software. A tutorial in using this software can be found here.

Scans can be sent to referring dentist by CD or electronically though secure cloud hosting service. Referring dentists are sent a unique link to download the scan which is hosted on secure servers in the EU. The file is password protected and the password to access the file will be sent to referring dentist.The scan will not be reported on unless specifically requested. There is a higher fee if the scan is to be reported on at Kingston Park Dental Practice.

The fee for an unreported CBCT scan is £95.

The fee for an unreported DPT image is £50

Image reporting costs £150



Legal Requirements

The Health Protection Agency require a service level agreement to be in place between the CBCT practice and referring practice. Before we can accept referrals, a service level agreement will be required outlining the training of the referring practitioner and to ensure requests are justified. Justification referral criteria can be seen in chapter 4 of the SEDENTEXCT evidence based guidelines for Cone Beam CT for dental and maxillofacial radiology.

The referring dentist is required by The Health Protection Agency to have undertaken  'Core Training in CBCT' as outlined in the HPA-CRCE-010 report.

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