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Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants offer a modern and predictable way to replace missing teeth letting you smile with confidence. Unlike bridges which are held in place by adjacent teeth or wearing removable dentures, a dental implant is an engineered alternative to a tooth, that is fixed in place and does not need to utilize other teeth. 

A dental implant is a medical grade titanium screw which is placed in the bone which previously supported a tooth and can be used to hold natural looking crowns in place. This offers a secure, comfortable and long lasting alternative to a missing tooth.

Dr Lee Gemmell.jpeg

Dr Lee Gemmell.


Clinical Director and dental implant surgeon has a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Implant Dentistry from Newcastle University.

Are implants suitable for me?


Dental Implants are suitable for the majority of patients- it you suffer from diabetes or are a smoker, there is an increased risk of developing problems with the implants after surgery.

What if I have lost teeth from gum disease?


If you have lost teeth in the past through gum disease, the bone which held the teeth in place will have been lost. At our clinic, we are equipped with a state of the art three dimensional x-ray scanner which allows us to assess in detail what bone is available to support dental implants and if required, we can discuss bone grafting procedures which can replace missing bone. These bone grafting procedures will add to the time required to complete dental implant treatment. 

A history of gum disease also increases the chance of implants failing.

Will it hurt?


Dental implants are normally placed using local anesthetic so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. In a similar way to after a tooth extraction, you can feel some discomfort in the days and weeks afterwards. If you are particularly nervous, you can discuss this further with your treating dentist.  

After the implant has been placed and whilst the bone is healing around the implant, a temporary restoration (provisional bridge or denture) can be worn if required. 

Every patient is unique and your requirements will be at the centre of what treatments you are provided with. We will discuss before starting treatment what you should expect in your individual case. 

What does it cost?


The cost of treatment can vary depending upon the complexity of your case and how many teeth are being replaced. 

The following fees may be helpful as a guide, but after your initial consultation we will write to you with a personalised treatment plan and breakdown of fees for your individual case. 

Clinical planning including CBCT 3D X-ray   : £130

Single Dental Implant Crown (non-complex) : £2500

Bone grafting (if required): from £350

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us, or if you want to discuss things in more detail before arranging an appointment with our dental implant surgeon, you can visit the practice and discuss what is involved at no fee with one of our friendly dental nurses. 

Lady dentist placing dental implant in Newcastle

Any Questions?

Our  experienced team is here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us if you want us to guide you through the process or answer any questions you may have.

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