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Cleaning around a bridge

Dental plaque is bacteria which can accumulate under a dental bridge. Unlike natural teeth where you can floss between each teeth, you can not pass floss around where the bridge is connected together.

If plaque is allowed to accumulate under a bridge, this can cause the gum to be tender and bleed more easily. You might also find the area smells when you clean around the area. 

We recommend using 'Superfloss' to clean under a bridge. There is a stiff end of the floss which you can pass under the bridge and then pull it through until the spongy part of the floss is able to clean the area. 

If the gums are swollen or inflamed, you may find the area bleeds initially but the more you clean under the bridge, the healthier it will get and it will bleed less.


If the area is particularly uncomfortable, you could try putting some 'Corsodyl Gel' onto a small brush designed to clean between your teeth (such as a 'tepe brush') These inter-dental brushes come in different sizes and the dental hygienist can discuss the best size brush to use and make sure you are cleaning properly.

Cleaning under a bridge
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using a tepe bush to clean between teeth
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