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What goes on behind the scenes? Decontamination of instruments.

Dental Nurse Newcastle Dentist
This is Mel who takes great pride in making sure decontamination procedures run smoothly & all the surgeries have the required items needed for that day.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the practice to ensure all the instruments we use are cleaned to the highest standards?

Meet Mel, one of our dental nurses who leads the decontamination processes.

On a daily basis tests are done on all the machines & equipment to make sure everything that is put in your mouth or used for your treatment is clean and safe.

The decontamination suite is the heart of the practice . All the instruments ( tools used in your treatment ) pass through this specialised room in order for the dentists and hygienists to carry out treatment and care for your dental health .

All the instruments are cleaned by special machines. 7 steps are followed before they are used for treatment in the dental surgeries.

This is the side of dentistry that a few of you might not know exist, but hopefully  this gives you a better insight of what goes on behind the scenes.

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