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Charmaine, one of our receptionists talks about teeth straightening

I had ceramic braces fitted last year, and at first, I thought what have I done? I felt as though my lip was so visibly sticking out from my mouth.

Before braces
Spaces between bottom teeth

To be honest, getting braces is not always something I had thought about getting at first. I never had the option as a child as the little spaces between my teeth weren’t severe enough to be referred to the orthodontists.

Getting older and socialising more, talking to people day to day and my teeth moving more made the problem become bigger and bigger. Eventually social media came along and all I could think about was having perfectly straight teeth, being all you could see!

Every routine dental examination then became prime opportunity to mention about the spaces between my teeth. Yet time and time again I was told, there was no issue and therefore it was seen as a cosmetic treatment something I would never be referred for.

I started then weighing up my options of Invisalign or having ceramic braces fitted. Invisalign started out as being the first option, because of the obvious reason its practically invisible. Then it was the commitment of remembering to always put it back in after eating, and I was worried that if I was to not keep them in the desired amount of time daily it would slow the whole process for me!

Straightening teeth with cosmetic white braces
Straightening teeth with cosmetic ceramic braces

Ceramic braces at first didn’t sound like the option I wanted, due to the fact I didn’t want a lot of metal being visible in my mouth, the pain of having them tightened and not being able to eat certain foods due to staining!

However what I didn’t realise is that you could have clear bands and brackets, therefore not making it as visible as I thought after all, and if you wanted to eat certain food just to make sure it was just before your next appointment so you can have the bands changed and they look brand new again!

The time frame having ceramic braces also shortened after having regular appointments to have them checked and tightened. Although there was some pain having them tightened, popping some wax over certain brackets avoided all ulcers or blisters making it a lot less painful. Every check-up I could see results and I was more and more excited.

After straightening bottom teeth

Then came the day getting them off, I could see dramatic results and I was so happy I had decided to take the plunge and get them. The time I had them on seemed like nothing at all, and we even managed to get the results quicker than expected. I was then giving both a fixed retainer and one you can wear as and when to ensure your teeth stay in position and I have not had one issue since. All in all I am truly happy with my teeth now!

For more information about tooth straightening at out Newcastle Clinic, read more >>

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